dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

brrr, y'all

ReSt DaY.  {thank goodness because this girl was tirrred}
what i ate:
i really shouldn't tell you because then you'd be jealous and wish you had my life.


it's cold!  
i tried to use my goose pimples the size of puppy dogs as an
 excuse not to go to the market, 
but i pushed through,
 i fought the good fight,
 and i walked through that freezer section like a professional eskimo.

yes, all of that DC is mine. and i will drink it with a smile on my face.
well not technically, because i would probably have to borrow one of willows bibs
due the dribble that would cause.

Willow Kate and I had an awesome dance party before bed.

i purchased 172 too many songs on itunes.
this is a lie, fyi.

my fave of the night is "nothing fancy" by dave barnes.  

fact: it is sooo good that when w got home tonight, i made him slow-dance to it with me.
fact: that's one of our favorite things to do.

what's your favorite thing to do with your sig. other that makes you warm and fuzzy inside?
please keep this g rated.  that's all i'm aloud to see.  right, mom?

i really do love our little family dance parties. 
try it.  
it's fun.
and will burn approximately 8 calories.


  1. I am so so jealous of your dance slow dance?! I will be showing this to Billy so that he will feel bad and start doing that with me:) My fave thing is when we sit on the couch and just make fun of life and get laughing really hard!!! Have a great Thursday gorgeous girl!

  2. dance 'neath the sheets. i heard that song on footloose.

  3. hmmm i like to clip his toenails. okay not really!


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