dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, April 1, 2011


i'm DONE with p90x doubles
so i have a rest week then i'm gonna start
p90x lean.

might as well do them all!?


the fankle is still killer.

gosh, why didn't tell me i needed to shave? or lose 80 pounds...?

thanks for asking.

we've been busy bees at the boren house.

wednesday, w took the day off, whoop!
then wednesday night,
my bf jennifer and i went to church.

then last night,
w and i strapped willow kate
into a belly back and
went to a 
life of mississippi
art fundraiser.

it's for people with
spinal cord and brain injuries.

our friend/artist
is on the board and is also 
a quadriplegic who teaches others with injuries
how to create art.

ah-mazin stuff, y'all.  

tomorrow morning, 
we are heading out of town for the weekend.

i'll fill you in on that next week.

maybe we're going to a tropical island.

why do i feel parched?

or a historical place?


what are y'all doing this weekend?

i just burned my hand taking chocolate cupcakes 
outta the oven so i think we may detour by the health clinic.

what does your comforter look like (on your bed)?  no one knows what Jesus looks like, obvs. 
 (except this boy)

it's white with big burnt orange and brown flowers and birds and such on it.
very boho.


  1. That fankle looks horrible!!!! You must have broken something! I hope it heals quickly! Not sure what we are doing this weekend. Maybe boating/fishing tomorrow:) Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! Oh and my comforter is pale blue and green satin... I think:) -JC

  2. im gonna punch u in the neck if u think thats MY fankle!!!

  3. i was sitting here with my jaw on the table. my mom can't see the screen but i was saying "mom is kimberly's ankle swollen and bruised". she was like "oh yes honey it's bad, she's seeing a chiro for it and everything". i was about to call you and say "listen lady you better go get an x-ray but first you need to shave your leg....good grief!!!!! then i saw your comment. DUMMY!!


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