dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, April 4, 2011

gout and breakdancing

core synergistics

i missed you, workout!!!
reunited and it feels so goooooooood!!


first things first.

if you thought that last photo 
was really MY fankle,
we are no longer on speaking terms.

i had one person lovingly imply that perhaps i had GOUT!!!!!


we had all sorts of fun this weekend.

we hit the road to attend a
surprise 50th anniversary party.
have y'all ever crashed
wedding or anniversary party? it's FUN!!

they are dear friends of ours.  :)

i didn't take any snapshots so just imagine
that i looked like this

my body double

and did this all night.

i learned this doing the wii

we got to spend some good quality time
with friends and w's dad on sunday 
before we headed home.

what did you do this weekend?

when's your next getaway planned?

we wanna go down to the coast to stay for a few nights but we need a babysitter

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