dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


cardio x

it was soooo prefect today because W did it with me!!!!!!


guess what friends...

it's triple tangent tuesday.

buckle up your safety straps because i'm 
gonna tell you 3 insane things about me.

1.  i go to bed while it's still light out.

well, okay not really but pretty close.
you have a bebe and then make fun of me.

does this pic make you yawn?  it did me.

2. i love to mow.

we pay someone to do it now and i have no idea why.
i could so use that money for froyo.

how come the grass isn't getting any shorter??

3. willow loves to shop.  even window shop.

we went to an awesomesauce kids warehouse sale this morning
and got lots of smocked dresses for dirt cheap and she was the best baby!!!

i want that, mommy!

do you like it when your hub/wife or friends work out with you?

i LOVE IT!!!  it makes me soooo happy to share what i love with people i love.

tell me 3 things about you, mmmkay?


  1. I've been following you for a long time but don't comment often. Love your blog!

    YES I like it when the boyfriend or friends work out with me. Makes me work harder!

    1. It's almost impossible for me to wear my hair down for an entire day. I play with it and it ends up in a braid or a ponytail.

    2. I wish I could afford every single item in Anthropologie.

    3. My boyfriend informed me last night that I tend to freak out when there are too many things open on my computer. Uh, guilty but a little embarassed that he noticed!

  2. 1. i love to be where God has me but if i think too much about it i would easily be naughty and live where "i think things would be easier". it's hard to be brave all the time.

    2. i love chocolate and pasta and bread but not all together.

    3. every day i think of a way to own a business that would allow me to be a stay at home mom.


whacha think?