dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, April 8, 2011

girl time and mustaches

legs and back

w is still p90x'ing with me.  woop woop!!!

and after that week off, MAN AM I SORE!!!!!!!!!!!!


miss me? good.

i've been on sabbatical.

it's tough work being a professional blogger, u know.

i've just been having too much fun chasing around my little girl.

yesterday, i took her to a local outdoor mall that has
water fountains that kids can play in 
and i let her crawl around in them.

spur of the moment 
but so much fun to see her so happy!


so yesterday after work, w was going to go fishing.

he called me on his way home and told me to 
get dressed because me and my bf jennifer
were going to have some girl time
while he stayed with willow.

i was dressed and out the door in under 10 minutes.

it was GORGEOUS weather 
and it was sooooo nice 
to just sit outside and relax.


so, today i got an email from 
that is offering laser hair removal 
for $99 instead of $750.

i've gotta get this mustache under control.

o, i kid.

but seriously...

does anyone have experience with it?

tell me, peeps.
good, bad, ugly?

do you ever have psychic dreams?

heck to the yes and it's creepy foe real.  i always tell w my dreams so he'll believe me when it actually happens.  any dream decoders out there???

whats your favorite sour candy?

i was totally let down by "extreme" sour patch kids.
i looooove sour tape.

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  1. i don't really like sour candy but i do know what i don't like. sour skittles are so evil and nasty.


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