dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

taste of mississippi..mmm

hobbling to and from the ice bucket


guess what i got.

be jealous.


monday night, we had 
fundraiser to go to.

a girls dream come true.

at least a girl that likes food.
i'm talkin to you janae.

it's called
a taste of mississippi
and it's held at
highland village.

{the same place our clinic is.}

it really is a gorgeous place.
it's all outside shops
but it's covered with glass and 
tons of plants and waterfalls.

it's 40 local restaurants
that cook an awesomesauce
taste of what they serve.

they also had some really
good live music on the different "wings"
of highland village.

mississippi has gooooood food, y'all.
which i guess is why we're
the fattest state.
but we're gonna die

the ankle was pretty killer
after a night of hobbling
so we came home
and dove into the
ice bucket.

it's what all the cool kids do.

special thanks to nana and poppy for babysitting the little bebe.  

and to all of my adoring fans.

and to the academy.

that's all.

if you had to eat one food for 10 years what would it be?

that's a dumb question

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