dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

date night

legs and back
ab ripper

it's my first workout since the fankle injury
and as long as i stayed on my tippy toe
it felt pretty good.

so my fankle is still
hurting pretty bad but i went 
to the chiropractor 
yesterday and he said it
looks like i rolled it.

dr. cefalu, an awesomesauce chiropractor

how in the world
did that happen
without me remembering???

he popped it a couple times
and did some
laser therapy
and i've been icing it.

which of course got me thinking
about ice cream.


so, the other night
w and i got a sweet babysitter and
went on a real date!

i love my boyfrand

it was sooo much fun.

it's a super cute place that used to be a house
but they've turned it into a restaurant.
we sat outside by the pool and the
weather was awesomesauce.

a local musician, 
scott albert johnson was playing
and the atmosphere was so cool.
we both said it felt like
we were on vacation.

w got a big steak and i got 
the redfish parker house.

Parmesan-Herb crust, Jumbo Lump Crab & Lemon Beurre blanc.  Served w/ roasted garlic mash and sautéed green beans. (also available grilled)

i got it with sweet potato fries
instead of the mashed potatoes.
simply because,
i like to be trouble.

best of all, it was CHEAP
because we used a groupon!!

we stopped by sweet tree
and got some sensational
froyo for us and
our babysitter.

i got sugar free vanilla
brownies, reeses cups, cheesecake and oreos.

what's your favorite local restaurant?

the strawberry cafe and parker house for nice
krystos for casual

what's your favorite chain restaurant? 

newk's.  they have crazy good salads


  1. fun!!! I have never tried newks but I do love a crazy good salad...gotta say...still haven't found a place I like more than PM for a casual little date in Nash...come back for a visit so we can go :))

  2. local fort worth restaurant = wasabi sushi

    local jackson restaurant = fat tuesdays of course!

    favorite chain = pei wei!

  3. WHAT A FUN DATE....your meal and fro-yo sound like heaven. Girl, you are so gorgeous!!! I am so so sorry about your injury. Stay positive and if you ever need to know who to email:)

  4. Local Memphis restaurant = Commissary or Zaytoon or Sakura

    Local Jackson Restaurant = Keifer's or The Elite or Primos or... I could go on and on... :) I can't pick just one!

    My favorite chain is Qdoba, but I do love Newk's Caesar Salad!


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