dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

choose to trust

kenpo {P90X} <---- my fave!!
what i ate:
kashi bar and pb (the last one)
sun chips (i need to go to the market)
apple and pb
kashi cereal (i really need to go to the market)


jealous? you should be.

W forgot to put cheesecake in my froyo.
did i....

a) throw it at him and make him go back and get a do-over?
b) pout and refuse to eat it? (it's go big or go home)
c) said "no prob bob, it's froyo!!!!!!!!"

if you said C, not only are you right, 
you're also my new BFF because you assumed the best of me.

today, we all went to the chiro and got adjustments.  
even the itty bitty bebe.
she loves it.

we could both hardly move this morning because we 
were up til the wee hours playing wennis. (wii tennis. obviously.)

W said i have wennis elbow.  he should know.

what is the worst you've ever injured yourself?

popping my shoulder out on the monkey bars.  it's taking it's sweet time healing.


  1. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, I am jealous of your looks woman!! P90X kills me everytime. I want to steal your you not like cheesecake? Kashi cereal is amazing. I broke my arm rollerblading when I was 10:) K I need details about this whole 3 kidney's thing! Have a great night gorgeous girl!

  2. Um. I LOVE cheesecake!!!!!!
    And you my friend are GORGE!!!

    My mom thinks i ate my twin in the womb and stole its kidney.
    Doesnt that make you all warm and fuzzy? Ha!

  3. go cart accident
    or maybe my cheek getting stuck on refrigerator door handle
    or maybe when i busted my chin slipping on bubbles
    or maybe splitting my head open on the picnic table bench
    or maybe running in front of a swing and gashing my face under my nose
    or maybe tripping over the laundry basket and fracturing my arm
    or maybe ripping my toenail up with a suitcase

  4. cut on the inside of my nose and couldn't pick it for 3 weeks. AWFUL!!!


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