dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

with this ring.

y'all are all fired as friends.
what if i was being held hostage
and that was my secret cry
for help!?!?

then i would never be able to eat
another chocolate chip
and it would be
all your fault!

okay, i can't stay mad.
i'll just eat the rice krispy treat myself.
and i'll figure another way
to show you my 
super top secret project.

before i go any further, i must clarify one thing.
{because if i don't, the hubs will keep reminding me of it}

yes, he's been through 5 wedding rings.  
but only because he is a massage therapist
and he has to take it off before each massage
so that he doesn't get massage sauce on it.
they were made of leather.

why this makes it better, i dunno
but it makes him feel better so
that makes me feel better. :)

but the good news is, 
we ordered him a new one.
hear that babe?

do you ever lose something over and over?

i can never keep track of bobby pins or ponytail holders.
i bet one day in heaven, they will all be there.
waiting for me.
smiling at me.
piles and piles of them.


  1. i have never done a video. i can upload it to youtube and then put a link on your blog to the youtube video. does that help? probably not. sorry! :) still love you.

    i never lose anything. j/k i'm too ocd, though so i don't usually lose stuff. everything has its place and i usually put it back there.

  2. Please don't fire me. I just don't know the answer to the question :(

    Ha, I wondered why W was going through rings so fast...

    I always lose ponytail holders too! And socks in the dryer...

  3. 5 rings...woah ha!!! K, I loose EVERYTHING. My phone is lost at least once a day!! I am totally going to try your hot chocolate combo, THANK YOU my mouth is watering for it. That rice krispy treat looks amazing!

  4. My keys, my phone, my glasses..all the time! My least once a day!


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