dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

business in the front

yoga {p90x}


wednesdays are
at the office.

we do all kinds of important things 

read the latest books

 and research the latest trends.

ya think our clients might like this darlin?

it's all very important work.

then the little bebe and i
did some yoga.

that basket of laundry ain't gonna fold itself

my mom does downward dog better than your mom

one of my bff's gave me the most 
token of affection today.

i ate it in approximately 
.5 seconds
she must hate me and
want me to die.

i love her for it.

what is your favorite yoga pose?
 ugh, that's like choosing the way you wanna die.
i guess reverse warrior because it feels good.
and i use the word good loosely.

what is your favorite cookie?
i looovveeee peanut butter chocolate chip
or plain chocolate chip
or those ones they sell at supermarkets 
with neon icing.  mmmmmm.

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