dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

crack attack

y'all, remember that time
that is was 3:00
in the afternoon 
and all i wanted to do 
was get in bed?
until tomorrow.

o right, thats today.

i can NOT wake up!!!

maybe it was our strenuous 
biz meeting today that
consisted of 
eating pizza bagels and
sitting in the sun for 2 hours.

for real tho,
this weather has been
the bomb dot com!!!!!

we have played outside
every day this week.

w has a late night tonight
so that means
 i get to 
48 hours mystery in bed by 

maybe i'll even catch the ending!!
{i always fall asleep before
its solved and i end up dreaming about it}

please tell me some quick ways to wake up
that don't involve illegal substances.
(you can email me those)

1 comment:

  1. 1. Tie your tresses up in an old timey hair net (the kind that the gnarled ladies wear who fry hamburgers at the 5 and dime store's lunch counter) and go bat hunting in the attic. Your eyes will be as big as saucers searching for bats.
    2. Waltz into a cold shower.
    3. Ask a stranger to bang on your door yelling 'Fire!'
    4. And last but not least, drink a quart of prune juice. That ought to keep you up ....and running!


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