dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, March 4, 2011

ikat? ukat.

cardio x {p90x}
yoga {p90x}


on this day,
march the fourth
in the year of our Lord
two thousand and eleven
i present to you 
a few of my favorite
earthly treasures.

i don't own any.
not onc thing.
but i just love it.

dear chair, will you rock me to sleep?

come on baby light my fire room
{these images are all from anthro}

this awesomesauce 
RED lipstick.
pretty sure i'm feeling
red lips for tomorrow.

this headboard.
it's from here.

tomorrow is going to 
be so much fun.

w is going to be 
with willow kate all day
while i help out (or play with)
my bff in her studio tomorrow.

my list of instructions for w:

-no mexican food or coffee for willow
-don't forget to put a diaper back on her
-the car seat is meant for the car, not as a nanny
-don't leave her in the car (or on the car)
-feed her 
-don't place her upon any tall surfaces

o i kid.
he's such an awesome daddy
and willow is 
going to have a BLAST with him!!!

what are your weekend plans?

what are some of your favorite things you've found lately?

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  1. weekend plans: relax with ethan

    i love that headboard!


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