dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

catch me if u can

cardio x

(i'm still sweating)


i gotta play catch up with y'all.

here's what the life of a lamesauce awesomesauce person looks like.


w spent the WHOLE DAY with us.
well, til 3'ish.

we went shopping
{my and willows favorite}
and to lunch.

it was our second lunch.
we're beasts like that.

i was sposed to go to a fun
jazz festival with 
my and willow kates bffs,
-jennifer and maci jane-
but i had a MAJA headache.

so we chilled at home
and w caught us some fish.

whats daddy doing to those fish?


went to church.
had to wake w up 
13.7 times.

momma boren (moi)
wasn't happy.

went to lunch at my fav,

had live music on their deck.
willow slept through it.

w took willow kate
grocery shopping
and i

w caught us more fish.


went to the fabric store with my mom.

had about 6 panic attacks 
because of their molasses-like


cut the cloth.
cut the chatter.

had my parents over to eat
w's fish.  

i'm not being mean, 
the type of fish is called

they were delish.

then we played cards til
my dad and i fell asleep 
on the deck.

like father, like daughter.

are you more like your mom or dad?

both. my daddy and i both like to be on the go with a plan and are both hard headed.
my momma and i both are very tender-hearted and behind the scene care-takers.


  1. I am definitely more like my mom:) Loved playing catchup!!! Cardio X sounds KILLER!!! Naps are the best and I LOVE going to the fabric store with my mom! Cutest baby ever and two lunches a day is the best way to do it:) Thank you so much for your sweet comments, you always make my day!!!

  2. i like my mom and dad the same. haha
    i think i have legs like my dad and ears like my mom
    but i'm not sure which one i'm more like????


whacha think?