dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cake and stuff

core synergistics


while i'm off shopping on my
favorite day of the year,

{besides Christmas, my birthday, thanksgiving, anyone else's birthday, presidents day
or any other holiday that may involve cake..}

please enjoy the photos i
spoke of from our visit to
the garden of eden.

garden of eden: n. 
the place in which our friends abide.
they grow all their own food
and could survive there without ever leaving
for approx. 88 years.

awww, look at ewe

mommy, this kid is SO hairy...weird.

jungle family

naps are for sissies.  we're just resting our eye flaps.


y'all please say some serious prayers
for the preemie twins i told you about.


what's your favorite blog...besides mine of course. of course!!

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