dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

exciting news

legs and back


i got the most

lemme back it up.

my seester is my bffffff.

like ebony and ivory

but she lives soooo far away.
at first i tried moving with her
but she just kept on moving 
and i got the hint.

she just moved again from
south florida to
newport news, virginia.
i'm pretty sure that
her hubs is a spy.
or a fugitive.

i have a seeecret

i looked up ticket prices
and i'd have to sell
a knee bone, kidney and gallbladder 
to pay for it.
trust me, i researched.

then W 
{who is no longer in the diggity dog house}
and my awesomesauce brother in law
came up with a plan to get me there.


willow kate is my travel buddy.

she'll be so excited 
to play with these guys.

and snuggle with aunt kristi

now i've got to get to packin!!

if you have a child and don't answer this, we can't be friends....


i've got some new toys, snacks, books, etc...what else??

what's your fav airport food?


  1. M&M's is my favorite airport food. Don't want to eat too much and have it on the tummy if the pilot pretends he's on a roller coaster to entertain us in bumpy air! Speaking of bumpy air, remember that the wings will NOT come off! A pilot told me that when I told him I thought one might be loose after a bumpy ride. Sounds like you have enough to entertain the Bebe and the person next to you.

  2. I wouldn't entertain her...I would give her benadryl! :)

    We used to use Benadryll when my oldest was littler on doctor recommendations, but then he told me that some kids react to it differently and if you don't know for certain it makes your kid drowsy-don't give it-because it can wind some kids up. Ix-nay on the Benadryll for us!
    Our trick is to get *at least* one new toy for the "oo=look at that" effect (tip: all meal toys from the drive through go in my glovebox to save for road trips). Also one good killer treat that would stop the biggest tantrum in the world...
    yeah, that'd be great.
    ^works like a charm.
    Portable DVD players are a nice idea, but my kids have a headphone/earbud phobia that is bizarre so a movie attempt is more of a frustration on a plane.
    My kids LOVE being able to play with my camera, if we are scraping for ideas I always start trying to make things interesting/teaching moment, but when I bore them I'm like: AND do YOU wanna take a picture of it?! sitting by the wing was very exciting to them-taking pictures of clouds from on top-incredibly thrilling.
    ALSO! Ask the flight attendants for a lid and straw on your cup-they will do it!

  4. THE BETTER QUESTION IS: how do you enterain a 32 year old who is deathly afraid of flying, on a plane? :)

  5. How old is Willow? I used Benadryl. It may sound mean, but I have traveled with TWO, yes TWO toddlers. Before I knew about this "secret", we dealt with TWO crazy toddlers on the plane. Not fun. Hubby asked how the other parents got their kids to be so quiet. He answered, "Benadryl." But yeah, new toys, new movies and plenty of snacks work best.

  6. woohoo!! So fun!! Me and Avery Jade are flying out this week too so I feel your entertaining a baby on a plane pain... i have no successful suggestions but I DO offer you my moral support :)

  7. don't stress. just take it 10 minutes at a time. don't pull out any "tricks" until absolutely necessary.


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