dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

garden of eden and porcelain ponies

kenpo x


o my stars,
i had the stomach virus
from HECK
all sunday night and yesterday.

would not wish that
on my worst enemy.

that means you, _____ _____.


but we had a great weekend leading up to it.

saturday we spent the afternoon
in the 
garden of eden.

i left my camera there 
but will post pics when i get it back.

unless a certain snake decides
to persuade someone into eating it....

sunday was my first mothers day.
it was special.

i got the sweetest handmade card
with forever 21 gift cards inside.

W is clearly figuring me out.
because i can assure you that
snake hunting boots are 
never going to be on my wish list.

mommys {to humans or pets} how did you spend mothers day?

family time, church, lunch date, more family time

what is your favorite place to get gift cards to?

forever 21, anthro, or yummy restaurants.


  1. it was a busy day because of church but the boys gave me a dress on saturday. then monday evening we went out to eat! :)
    they gave me sweet cards too.
    i like gift cards to eateries and target.

  2. anthro would be sweet or how about just a visa gift card. even better. ;)


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