dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

willow kate 10 months

willow kate,

i've been putting this post off
because i just can't believe you are ten months.

you are such a good girl.
everyone always comments on how sweet you are.
you are very active and crawl so fast.
you pull up and walk holding on to things.
you can also climb a whole
flight of stairs in seconds.

you're eating more solid foods with your fingers.
you're still a great eater.
you drink from a big girl cup with a straw!
you like water and "green" juice.

you babble all the time.
and you sing. 
you have the prettiest voice.
you do have a lot of music in your blood though.

we just got back from virginia
visiting aunt kristi and
you are in love with your nephews.
you loved being held by them.
you love aunt kristi and uncle steven too.

the plane ride there was tough on you 
because you wanted to get down and play
but on the way back you spoiled me by
sleeping on my chest.
ahhh, i loooove that!!
it makes me warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

you got your first real cold :(

you started cutting your
second tooth on your bday.
it's right next to your other one on the bottom.
it's sooooo precious and exciting.

i feel so blessed to be experiencing 
these things with you.

sad things are happening around the world
and among our friends
and it makes me so grateful
every single day to have you and daddy.

you are so full of life
and i look forward to each and every moment with you.

i love you.

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