dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Willow Kate {23&} 24 Months

so, i really have thought of you as 2 for the past couple of months since the answer to "how old is she" has been "almost two". i just didn't think your birthday would phase me too much. but my oh my was i wrong. but it's been in the BEST way! you were SO EXCITED to make birthday cupcakes with mommy today. you put in the liners, poured in all the incredients and put on the sprinkles. it just blew up in front of me today that every single day will have memories like this. no more, laying you on your play mat for tummy time, or putting you in your highchair to eat. you're like a little mini me and it's so much fun to be your mommy. you're the perfect combo of girly-girl and tom-boy. tonight after supper you were digging in the sand with hot pink finger and toenails. (naked of's your birthday suit after all) we just tucked you in for the night in your big girl bed. you've been in it full time for about a week. crib is taken apart and in the garage. whoa. i didn't even do the "last time in the crib" picture because it was a spur of the moment decision. you've been perfect, not a peep except for sometimes playing with all your babies and animal friends before you give it up and i hear you saying "night night kitty cat" over the monitor. it's presh. and hard for me not to go in and snuggle with you. but i know if i did, it would be a matter of seconds before we were giggling and then belly laughing. we do that A LOT. and i love it.

you have been going through major seperation anxiety but i feel like we're making progress. i rarely am apart from you. a couple of hours at nanas on rare occasions so i'm sure that's contributed to it. but whatev. i love love love being around you and watching you learn and explore.

you LOOOOOOOOVE barney...and baby bop...and bj.
you are extremely habitual. every morning when i come into your room you say "daddy home?"...and then once you get your answer you say "watch barney?". i let you watch barney in the morning while i work out. but the other morning, i snuggled up with you to watch it and oh my stars, you know EVERY song and EVERY motion. you are some kinda coordinated.

you wear size 4 diaper, sizes 12-18 months in pants and 18-24 months in dresses.

you've gotten a little stubborn (surprise, surprise) about going on your big girl potty. you just hold it until i put a diaper on you. some days. and then some other days, it's SO effortless.

you've been in time out a few times (for hitting me) and the other night you sat in the chair and i said "aww, are you gonna rock?" and you said "don't hit mommy". i think you're understanding ;) a couple of minutes before you had hit me and gotten a warning.

you still eat good, healthy, "weird" food. you pick feta cheese as a snack. ha!
you had your first "southern" food on sunday and loved fried okra. yuck!

you get bit by mosquitos just walking to the car and you always ask for medicine for them. "me-me booboo" is "medicine booboo".

you adore babies. you can spot on or hear one across the room and love to mimick their sounds. still just breaks my heart that you don't get to hold your baby brother or sister. you would be SO SO good with them.

after meadow died, you stopped kissing my belly on your own. and when i sat down to read a book about new babies, you saw the picture of the mommy with a big baby belly and you pushed it away and said "NO!". i really didn't think you knew, so i talked to you about it and explained how happy levee and meadow are and that we'll see them soon and ALL be together.

you're very sensitve and protective. if you think mommy is hurt or sad, you say "hey mommy" in the sweetest tone. and i'll just assure you that "mommys okay" :)

you recognize numbers and letters and colors. obviously your favorite is pink. i think that's so interesting because you never had a lot of pink or girly things.

i just adore you so much and love you so much. i could never ever express it enough but i KNOW that you feel it. you are so precious to me and NEVER a job or chore or in the way. you are a part of me. i'm so looking forward to making so many memories with you this year. i love you.


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