dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

little love

this is the girl that I love.
I snapped her picture yesterday morning and she
kept requesting "more...more..."
and this is what we got.

we call her our little actress because she is constantly
reenacting scenes from the days (AND WEEKS!) before.
her memory is fascinating.
her attention to detail is so endearing.
she is beyond concerned when someone else is hurt.
even when she falls down she will say
"Lolo fall baby emma" (or whoever fell down most recently)
she LOVES her sweet little friends.

{side note: she's resting next to me right now and she's watching Barney on YouTube...she calls it "Barney tube". took me way to long to figure out what she was asking for. ha!}

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  1. how darling is she!! what a cute blog you have:)
    now following

  2. she is such a cutie! i am a new follower of your blog and am just loving it!

    happy friday to you and yours!



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