dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, November 5, 2012

new normal

so obviously my life is pretty stinkin awesome.

but that doesn't mean this new normal of mine (post Chiari institute) doesn't feel a tiny bit overwhelming.

when I take it day to day or in this particular case car ride by car ride, it's doable but when I start to think about the next 20+ years, it gets to be a lot to take in.

when I wear my neck brace, it's strictly for precaution and the what-ifs and honestly if it wasn't for W and willow I would just pretend I never heard the doctors warnings. it's so hard for me to do preventative things.

the problem with wearing the brace is how bad it hurts the back of my head. it's the equivalent of slipping on a wet floor and landing on the back of your head. it goes back to the damaged nerves back there pressing against "inorganic material".

I truly don't mean this post to be negative. only to shed some light on/and for other people with Chiari and for the loved ones who are often left in the dark because its such a "silent disease".

im starting to dread being in the car and its only been just over a week of this.

will you pray that ill learn to adjust to the new normal & everything that comes with it?

also, please know that I am so incredibly thankful for this life that I've been given and that I am so thankful and aware of my health despite this.

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  1. understandable. praying for you! although, you make wearing a neck brace somehow cool and gorgeous!


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