dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, November 12, 2012


fun weekend with the fam.
friday morning
willow and I made
cupcakes to take to
new baby Ivey.
canNOT believe that willow
was that tiny!

friday night went to mistletoe with my momma. I'm a bad date tho. hurt my neck too bad to look around so had to leave. my mommas awesome though.

saturday willow went with me
to address 6252853839
invitations for a friend.

we loaned out a baby carrier and when willow spotted it, she immediately wanted in. so stinkin cute. I loved it!

went for an ice cream date with daddy Saturday night. belly laughed the whole night.

realized I may have a sickness.
after FINALLY getting little girl
settled in for the night,
I immediately start lookin at pics/videos of her from the day.
I. Just. Love. Her. So. Much.

found this snazzy shirt of w's that he cut the sleeves off of.
told him if he plans on sportin it,
I get to wear the plaid on plaid
...on plaid look for our date. ;)

sunday was a great morning at church. this week and next we're collecting items to put in our
operation christmas child boxes!!

what'd y'all do?

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  1. They grow up so fast..I want some of those cupcakes! Andrews family was in town last weekend, so we hung out, and my little niece got to finally join the crazy house! Are u not on Facebook anymore?


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