dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

living room.

this is our real life living room.
meaning, we just had a play date here so it
looks like it often (okay, always) does.

^^ this is walking in from the front door.
christmas lights are permanent.
they make us happy, so they stay.

^^ looking back at the front door.
we spray painted the light {500 coats of} orange.
william is a VERY talented artist and
one of his paintings is to the right.

^^ switched out the knobs on the entertainment center to make it a little more "us".
the "x" & "o" are from a local salvage market.
hot pink branch beside it from an old window display at the clinic.
some cool records on the floor.

^^ sweet little girl tucked into the couch.
rug from urban outfitters.

^^ curtains made from fabric scrap strips.
wish they showed up better but it's storming out so bad lighting.

^^ the big back wall is a huge invitation to color on with chalk.
all of our walls are, really.
it's just regular matte paint but wipes off with damp paper towel.
i like to switch up the inspirational sayings {usually found on Pinterest}


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