dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, March 1, 2013

{{day in our life}}

this girl is doing a "day in the life" post so here is our version. all of our days are SO different so ill just pick a thursday.
we own our own business & most people don't know that I actually do work work from home. (yup, I said work twice..ya know, to really drive the point)
willow gets up around 6:30. i am a morning person but not a get up before the rest of 'em early riser. i get willows breakfast ready (yesterday was a "smiley face banana" & yogurt..I really like this age of her knowing what she wants! i started williams hot bath (whoa, so spoiled ;), ate an orange and got a diet coke from the fridge in the garage (brrr!) while willow is eating, I open emails, reply to clients, book appointments, do purchase orders, accounting, code receipts, & whatever else needs to be done.

i always get ready for the day before w goes to work. i like him to leave seeing me dressed & "put together" (makeup ((usually)), shoes and everything) so he knows that we are set up for a fun, productive day. he may not even notice but it's a big deal to me! :)

w works different hours every day but yesterday his appts started at 10.
willow brings me the "Jesus book" (ha!) & I read our devotion out loud :)
we do some "school work" every day from a preschool workbook. she loves "school".

willow & i headed to the gym at about 10:30. i wasn't sure how she'd do so I just did a quick workout but she cried so hard when we left because she had SO much fun playing.
we ran to target to get a few things and I let her have popcorn! we've only done that once before but it was a fun treat for her :) daddy had a break at work so he came to see us & we all went to the indoor play area at the mall. it was so cold & we needed to get some wiggles out.

w went back to work (thursdays are his late nights, til 8:30). we came home, ate lunch & made brownies and she played in the playroom while i started the dishwasher & did some laundry. naps are RARE these days so I just accept it and go with it instead of getting too frustrated.
im strict about not being on my phone when she's awake and really being intentional about being her mommy so I don't just watch her play, I really like to get down with her & pretend & interact with her.
on warmer days (like wednesday) we go outside during this time (jump on the trampoline, wagon rides, etc) until its time to start supper.

she really likes to help with supper and by this time she's so tired from not napping, it's nice to have something new to involve her in. she washes veggies & pours in spices. (or sometimes just wants to be held)

after supper, it's bath time. she's suddenly decided that baths aren't fun so I make colored ice cubes to try and lure her in. ;) if I've forgotten to make new ones, she picks out a color of food coloring to put in the water.
around 7 i laid her in bed & we had our prayer time. i told her I was going to mop the kitchen floor and would come back to check on her but she was sound asleep before I got back. :)
i always stay dressed until after w gets home. a loooooong time ago (i was maybe 10?) our pastor was talking about how ladies need to take care of themselves & look nice for their husbands & ive never forgotten. i don't even own sweatpants because I would probably be too tempted. ha!
before w gets home i do the same office work from this morning over again.
he had already eaten so I usually take a shower and we hang out for a while. on normal nights, we might play a game (we've been on a monopoly kick) or watch tv.

almost every night he offers to give me a massage & almost every night I turn him down. it's HIS time to be taken care of! :)
tell me about your day! i love hearing about other people's lives!

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  1. That's so great that you make such an effort to always look nice for your hubby! I'm sure he does notice! Great advice.....'cause it's SO easy to throw on sweats!!


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