dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

girls weekend.

it was a girls weekend!
just you and momma.

daddy had some classes in Louisiana
to make him an even more
amazing therapist.
we are SO proud of him!

when you were a baby,
i used to dread when he would be done
but as you've gotten older
it's so much more fun.

on thursday night you slept with me
but you were WIDE AWAKE from 1-4.
when you woke up for the day at 7:30
you said "im so tired".
ya think? ;)

momma needed to get a good workout in
so we went to the gym
and then met some friends at the
park and for lunch.
it was H.O.T.!
friday evening we had a
no boys allowed pizza party
with some girl friends
and drove home in a bad rainstorm.
nana and poppy came by to check on us. ;)

saturday we went to the gym
and then to pick up nana to go to the flea market.
it's an old, dusty, hot building
but you found some pink legos
and knelt right down to stack them.
i had to scrub your feet when we left.

we stopped at the mall to play
and cool off.
momma painted our bedroom some to surprise daddy. shh.
miss gretchen came over to visit and i did her makeup.

and one of our neighbors brought over
an awesome play kitchen they had outgrown!

somehow you managed to stay up til almost 10:00!?

sunday we had church and i got to be in your
room for the second service.

you fell asleep on the way home but
you were wide awake when i tried to lay you down.

we went to the grocery store and then
nana and poppy came and got you for a while
so i could get more painting done.

you were so tired when you got home you couldn't
even stay awake til daddy got home.
but you were so glad
to see him the next morning.
we decided next time he's gone
for the weekend,
he'll schedule the next day off.
it was so hard on you.

now we are just getting back into our
"normal" routine.


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