dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, August 8, 2013

to willows daddy.

i love you, you know?

and i think (no, i know) that you will be okay
with me saying that it's been hard to love you sometimes.

and i know that i've been hard to love sometimes too.

we're just two humans that God has allowed
to live an extraordinary life together.

everything that was meant to tear us apart
has made our bond so much stronger.

you are so smart.
i am in awe of the way that you can help people.
i am inspired by the confidence that you show in your work.
you have such a gift and i am so
proud of you for using it to its fullest.

i love being your teammate.
sometimes it feels like we are just at a place of
tagging each other out due to
schedules or sicknesses or whatever,
but i love love love it
when everything works just right
and we get to work on something side by side.
even if it's just making the bed or putting willow jammies on.

the other night you were out at your truck and
i ran out to bring something to the garbage.
it had just started to rain.
that rain that you can smell long before it even starts.
and i looked at you and we didn't have to say anything.
it's our thing.
to dance in the rain.
those moments are the ones that keep me going.

you're a great daddy.
i will never ever forget the feeling 
of watching you walk over to me 
holding our brand new baby girl.
that smile on your face.
it's in my mind forever.
i thought i loved you before but oh man.
seeing you holding that warm little girl,
it brought it to a whole new level.

and when you held levee.
you weren't sure if you would be able to.
but you held him and kissed him and
looked at every inch of him.
you were so proud he was your son.
and i was so proud of you.

and one day,
meadow is going to run so fast to get to you.
just like when willow shouts "daddy!"
when you get home from work,
meadow will do the same when she sees you in heaven.
she'll take your hand and show you Who's been
taking such good care of her for us.

thank you for asking me to be your date 
on your 40th birthday.

and thank you for asking me to be your wife.

i love you with my whole heart.


whacha think?