dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, December 28, 2013

{22 weeks}

I'm switching up the format of these little bebe updates. they were getting too repetitive! so here goes...

-22 weeks! 5 1/2 months! it feel like we're finally doing this. our next checkup is next week and we can't wait!

-he is moving SO MUCH and it's the best feeling ever. I can watch him moving and w can reallllly feel it now. it's so special. he's not necessarily responding to sound yet but he always moves when I talk right to him. :) and when willow & I sing really loud. ;)

-I've been going through things and clearing things out like crazy. I hate "stuff". I'd love to have his nursery ready(ish) soon in case the end of this pregnancy looks like willows (lots of early labor & bed rest) but I know that all we REALLY need for the first several weeks is some baby jammies & diapers. I think I just want to sit in his room & dream about what it will be like to have a little boy in there. :)

-I'm hungry all. the. time. but I'm really tired of food!?  unless it's burn-a-hole-in-my-belly spicy, it's just kinda ehh. I was like that with willow and she LOVES spicy food now. :)

-he's a little over a pound now and I think 11ish inches long head to booty. 

-I can barely see my toes. :)

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