dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


i have no problem with bananas.  

gwen stefani actually taught me how to spell the word.  personally.

i just can not stand listening to or watching someone else eat them.  

my girlfriend and i used to both eat bananas only by fans that would drown out the noise. 

not these kind of fans


do you have any weird things that gross you out?  besides the OBVIOUS, like pickles?

i think all condiments are gross.  except bbq sauce.  i could eat it directly from the bottle.  call me a germ-a-phobe.


  1. i cannot stand when people pick their nose or bite their finger nails
    it's gross when people talk on their phone while using the restroom!
    dirty dishes in the sink, ewww!
    sleeping in underwear and not putting clean ones on the next day.
    the bottoms of shoes.

  2. public restroom doors that you have to pull open AFTER you've washed ur hands...they should all be "push"... it should be a federal law!!!


whacha think?