dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

it's all in a name

sometimes i like to rename people.  

the best part is when someone whispers in my ear at a public gathering, "what's her name?" and i get to reply with my made up name for them.  then i just sit back and chuckle as the embarrassing moment unfolds before my twinkling eyes.  ahahaha.  

when i was 15, i worked at a local restaurant.  we would sometimes change the "to-go" order names to something embarrassing to holler out when they were ready.  oh what a kick i got from hearing someone yell "TO GO FOR IMA DINGLEBERRY" across a crowded restaurant.  

do you like to play practical jokes?  what's the best you've ever done?


  1. rolling houses and cars and with tp and saran wrap never gets old.

  2. My twin sister and I used to change places in class - until I came in tardy one too many times - whoops!


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