dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

don't go chasin waterfalls

willow was extra clingy today.
why am i not doing it now?
because i'm tired, kapeesh?
what i ate:
kashi bar with pb
awesome sauce salad
6,000 chocolate chips
another awesome sauce salad


i feel like i stood under a molasses waterfall.

i'm pooped and moving in slo mo.

willow kate was clingy today so i didn't have much down time.
how terrible, i had to hold that sweet baby girl all day. ;)
and of course we had another awesome dance party.

i did manage to clean out closet #2, 
the clothes that only fit me when my diet consists of
1/2 cup of chickpeas per day.

i'm super duper happy with myself these days.  
because i eat mostly healthy and i push myself in my workouts.  
um, except for today.

i don't ever wanna go back to where i was, 
even if that means giving up all of my 
fabulous jeans.

dont you want to own me?

soooo, if anyone would like to purchase some
ridonkulously fabulous pants, hit me up.
sevens, ag's, balenciaga, etc.
size 25 & 26 yo

if you drop a chocolate chip while sitting on the couch, do you search for it or just let it go?

i look for it for approximately .6 seconds and then later i find that it has melted to the back of my leg.
this may or may not have happened yesterday.  and today. 


  1. hmmm, it depends on my mood. if it happened tonight, i'd let it go. :)

    also, i don't think you've EVER looked better! so happy you're happy!

  2. let it go. one day you'll find it again and it will be a special treat.

  3. search for it! one time i dropped one and searched but never found it until later that night when i took my bra off and there it was a nice brown smoosh on my chest.

  4. search for it! no chocolate chip should be wasted!

    and i love you how you are right now. you're fantabulous.


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