dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, January 21, 2011

48 hours

kenpo {P90X}
ab-ripper {P90X}
what i ate:
kashi bar with pb (i know.)
the cheesiest pizza bagel (on 7 grain)
confetti spaghetti

i'm the end of your life. nice to meet you.

i got to have lunch with one of my IRLBFFS.  
just looking at this girl makes me chuckle.
nooooo, not because she's funny looking.  she's gorgeous.
because she is so hilarious i have to wear my depends 
(that look and feel like real underwear)
when i'm around her.

i found my feet!

then we came home to do this.

in other news.

out of all the knives in our home.
(that makes us sound kinda physco, doesn't it?)
W chooses this one to slice an apple with.
i tell him how interesting this choice is and he says
"if only you knew how many deer and pigs were gutted with this"
i told you i was married to a caveman.

p.s. i've watched sooo many crime shows that i'm 
super paranoid about what i google because you know they ALWAYS check 
your computer if you're a suspect.
not that i would be.
anyhoo, i just googled physco because it looks funny written out.

if you could be anything you wanted without going to school, what would it be?

i've always thought i would make a sensational detective. 
you can't get anything by me
and i can untie knots in necklaces.


  1. You are too much! I had a great time today with you and WK! I don't care for the comment under the cheese bagel...considering I ate the same thing. Mine wasn't 7 grain though so it might just be the END for me:0) I think you would be the best detective for sure! I would love to be a travel agent. I could plan fun trips for people but also get great deals on my own vacations! Hope y'all have a great weekend! ~JC

  2. You are absolutely hilarious! I love it. :)
    And my dream job... Oh, that's easy. I want to be a Disney Imagineer. Yup.

  3. i would be a surgeon. or a dentist.


whacha think?