dear willow,

dear willow,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

spaghetti in my tutu

this my people, is william heard.
he is one of w's bff's and i have grown 
to love him too!

we represent his art.

it's the bomb.  dot com.

last night we went to a little party and got all dolled up.

willow had a terrible time with her nana and poppy.

mommy and daddy who?

 and couldn't contain her excitement when we got home.
you kinda look familiar.

then i ate leftover spaghetti out of a mason jar.i kept dropping it my hair and
on my tutu.
just keepin it classy.

what did you do this weekend?

last night was the little shindig.
today is church and hanging up paintings in the clinic.
and it's willow kates 6 month birthday so
obviously there will be cake involved.


  1. we ate at a yummy place because jonathan was a good boy at school and won a free kids meal and we had other free stuff b/c we are members of the PTA. we went to a friends house for dinner and games. we went to a movie, best buy, bass pro, and some other places......
    played mario bro wii, that's what steven bought at best buy with his gift card from his wonderful in-laws. cleaned house, played with the kids, stuff like that. will go to church tonight. blah blah blah

  2. hmmmm, nothing really. which was awesome! we always have something going on so it was nice to rest. we got a lot done though.

  3. So pretty!!!..and you have quite the dapper date ;) i want your tutu...and your shoes to go w/


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