dear willow,

dear willow,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

willow kate 6 months

willow willow willow.
i am so in love with you.
every single day i think THIS is my favorite but every day
just gets better and better.
we have had maybe 5 rough days but that's
not because of you. it's because i refuse to take naps and i get tired.
 you are such a perfect, sweet, happy baby!!

you say "mama" and "bubba".  that's what we call your bottle.
as soon as you wake up, you start saying 
"bubba bubba bubba"
and when you see it you reach out for it and put it in your mouth.
you will sometimes hold it but you get a little too distracted.

you wear 3-6 month clothes, 0-3 month shoes and
size 2 diapers.
you've gotten soo long too!  

you love all your fruits and veggies.
besides avocado 
and i think
blueberries hurt your tummy 
so we're taking a break on them.

your texas cousins were here last week 
and tried so hard to get you to crawl.
you prefer to roll but you do crawl backwards 
better than forwards.
i hear that's pretty normal.

you are so "loud" and talkative 
with mommy and daddy but as soon
as we go out or someone else is around
you get so quiet and reserved.
it's precious.
you like to save your smiles and laughs i guess.

you love when mommy and daddy are both with you.  
you will touch daddys face and then mine and smile so big.

i can't believe we've known you for half of a year.
sometimes it goes so fast but i also feel like
i've known you forever.

i love you, sweetie heart.


  1. happy 6 months willow. i need to see you again. i know you have lots of secrets to tell me. :) i love you!!

  2. yay! happy six months to my little willow!!


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