dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, January 24, 2011

sunday funday

core synergistics {P90X}
what i ate:
kashi bar with pb
mexican food. ole!
(i order chicken nachos without the cheese so it's chicken and veggies)
more leftover spaghetti
apple and banana with pb 
(i really wanted icecream but we didn't have any worthy toppings)


yesterday was fun, y'all!

we had an awesome message at church about

after satisfying my deep longing for mexican food

it's cool, the greasy chicken is with me.

we headed up to our clinic to hang paintings and such.

it looks so good and i got a lot of businessy stuff done too.

we were all pooped when we got home,
so after willow went to bed, 
we did the most logical thing.

played wii bowling and phase 10.

clearly likes the feeling of getting beat.

what is one thing that you want me to show you how to do?
we're talking make-up.

i thought about doing a how-to today,
 but i just don't want to waste the makeup 
on the good folks at the supermarket.


  1. i think you should something with eyes!

  2. how do you put on mascara.. not joking!


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