dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, January 24, 2011

a what???

kenpo {P90X}
what i ate:
whole wheat waffles with sugar free syrup (good but NOT filling)
awesome sauce salad
blue chips with salsa and turkey


what's up with all the blue chips?
they're good!
and have a lot more nutrients that regular chips.
read all about 'em here. 

i  just made the most sensational 
peanut butter banana protein bars.
i got the recipe from this awesome blog.

all i changed was kashi cereal instead of fiber one.
and i may have accidentally spilled 
the chocolate chips
directly into the bowl!?

they are insanely good and similar to 
the texture and nutrition of a clif bar.


i have to tell you something crazy.

as in, don't read this if you plan on eating in the next 16 days crazy.

i was told a family secret that has shaken me to the core.

oh right, that was oprah.

but i really did learn something interesting a couple of weeks ago.

my family reading this is probably trembling with what i'm about to say.

mwahahaha.  what power i have right now.


when W was about 12 or 13 he had a lump in his mouth on his gums.

he finally went to the dentist and guess what it was.

it was a POCKET OF TEETH!!!!!

y'all just typing this makes me dry heave.


  little tiny baby teeth that weren't attached!!!!!!

i'm sure there is a google image out there

but i'd rather rather chew on a ball of

aluminum foil with my silver fillings than look.

isn't that nuts?

what is the weirdest medical "condition" you've ever heard of.

this. foe sure.


  1. did he ever give birth to these baby teeth??? Or did his gums just stay preggie forever??? Again, ewwwwww!

  2. WHAT?!?! A pocket of teeth....gross!! I had a tumor in my mouth once upon a time that was huge and gross!! Girl, you are one healthy eater:) I need to try blue chips! They look amazing!

  3. ok. pocket of teeth. i think i just threw up a little bit.


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