dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

green stuff

my IRLBF, morg just posted about her fave juice yesterday.

yesterday at the market, 
my fave green juice was buy one get one free
so i loaded up.
woop woop!

it's called mega green.
it's so good and 
willow kate loves it too.

be careful with juices though.
even all natural ones.
they are jam packed with 
calories and sugar.

one servings has more sugar than
2 bags of m&m's.

i'll take the m&m's.
with peanuts, please.

in other sad news,
i just licked the bottle clean
politely ate the last of my awesome sauce.

i'm going to go get inside of a cabinet and cry.  

what's your favorite juice?

i'm really loving this mega green and
i love naked juices too.
i hardly ever drink them though. :(


  1. my favorite juice is grape juice. i've never had fancy juice like you speak of.

  2. i love real simple orange with mango! yum yum. but i also love all the naked juices too.


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