dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

even a caveman can do it

chest and back {P90X}
abs {P90X}

what i ate:
cliff bar with natural pb
salad with grilled chicken, feta and berries
mini chocolate chips with whole wheat pretzels broken up
salad with turkey and awesome sauce


this is W.

i call him my caveman because he's so manly and he lives in a cave hunts and fishes and could survive in the jungle for 3 months without supplies.  he just spent the weekend sleeping in a tent during an ICESTORM. 

he's also a massage therapist, pilates instructor, a yogi and my best friend.  

he's not too hard on my brown eyes either.

my nickname for him is bing because he knows something about everything.

this is willow kate.

she thinks i take too many pictures.  but if you had something this cute in your house, you would do it too.  ahhhhh i love her!!  she loves to exercise, eat, shop and talk.  JUST like her mommy!!??

do you have kids?  if not, do you want them?

i didn't think i would ever have kids, but when willow kate came along, i couldn't have been happier and we are the most blessed people in the whole wide world.  she's soooo sweet and WAY easier to take care of that a puppy.


  1. i do have kids but i don't want them. haha j/k

  2. Hey...does my brother still smell like a caveman!?!?!? lol!

  3. i don't have kids yet, but i would love to one day, naturally and by adoption.


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