dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, January 14, 2011

the news heard 'round the world

i'm watching the news  Entertainment Tonight.  gotta say, i'm pretty sick of seeing this guy.


i'm all for the underdog but this is going all wrong.  i see it going more like this.

1. orthodontic intervention
2. counseling with dr. phil a private (christian) counselor
3. assembling a resume
4. in the meantime, obtaining a job at rack room shoes 
5. more orthodontic intervention

or something close to that


today should be the most awesome day of my life.  i'm doing to be doing this alllll day.

perrty bed head

we are taking this little love button to the doctor because she's feeling kinda crummy. :(

i'm the cutest thing evvveeerrrrr
then, W is taking the WHOLE DAY off to spend with ME!!!!!!

we're gonna go dumpster diving junkin'.  

he says "make sure you wear dirty clothes so we can crawl under houses"

pretty sure he and i have different ideas of junkin'.

a nice heated idea
what does your perfect (realistic) day look like?

i loooooove when W takes off of work and spends the whole day with willow kate and i and we have no agenda or timelines.  we eat when we're hungry, sleep when we're tired, eat when we're not hungry, etc. :)
it make my love tank FULL!!!

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  1. my perfect day looks a lot like yours! it usually means ethan an di don't have to work or do anything for school. we sleep late. drink coffee. eat and watch movies. all day. i love it!


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