dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, January 14, 2011

gone fishing

plyometrics...woop woop {P90X}

what i ate:
kashi bar with pb
another kashi bar just plain
froyo with approz 16 pounds of oreos
nachos (blue chips, turkey, salsa)


today didn't go exxxaaaccctly as planned.

the dr. said willow kate was just fine!!! yay!

i popped my shoulder outta socket last night so we went straight to the trusty chiropractor to get it set right after willows appointment.  POP.  done.

willow kate was sooo sleepy so we came back home and did this
mommy, why are you so nuts

fine, i guess i'm okay with chilling all day long ;)

finished the day by eating froyo in the bathtub.

it was all fun and games until i dropped an oreo in the water.  
which i guess is still fun and games trying to fish it out.  

what's your favorite thing to eat/drink in the bathtub?

i looooove cold diet coke in a hot hot bath.


  1. that's my fav too. freezing cold diet coke in a scotch glass even though i don't drink scotch it was a donated glass.


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