dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

tie dye was so 1900's

peace and love y'all
isn't my boyfriend cute?  i sooo woulda been his date to the prom...or anything else.  
except i was still in diapers when this was taken.  
that's okay, he'll be the next one in diapers.  
i like to lovingly remind him of that. every day.  :)

i decided to wear makeup today.  this is my favorite foundation.  you can get it here.  
you gotta make sure you blend it well or you'll be walking around with a heart or star or whatever shape you draw on.  
i'm surely not the only one who has that much fun with makeup.

the only thing that got me outta bed this morning was knowing there was
 a whole cookie jar of homemade oreos waiting to be eaten.  

okay, that's not true at all.

it was this little monkey that did it.

i'm a rockstar, mommy!
W is at the gym and as soon as he gets home, we are going to have a do-over for yesterday.  

here's to finding some crusty old antiques!!

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