dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

monkeyin' around

shoulders/biceps/triceps {P90X}
ab-ripperX {P90X}

what i ate:
kashi bar with pb
awesome sauce salad
whole wheat mac and cheese
sweet potato fries
awesome trifle my momma made

we struck gold at the antique mall anthropologie.
all i wanted for Christmas were gift cards to this magical oasis.
santa listened :)

one item doesn't belong

the little deer is full of measuring bowls.
the colorful object has a mini spoon and will swaddle the splenda.
the acorn holds a ring.  specifically w's wedding ring.
he's been through 5 in one year.
the & sign is just because.

we spent the rest of the afternoon practicing for our competitive bowling league.


gutter ball
also, an intense game of poker phase 10.

we had celebrities over for dinner but i cannot mention their names.  no one knows that they're in town.

then we played more wii games and william popped my shoulder back in place.

o, you wanna know why it's so messed up?

monkey bars. duh.

what's your favorite thing to play on at the playground?

i love to slide.  wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


  1. My favorite thing at the play ground was alwas the merry-go-round. You do not see many of them anymore but there is one where I take Christopher and he loves it too. I got on it with him once but I got sick :( and it took me 30 minutes to recover!!

  2. i love all your anthropologie stuff. so fun!
    i like things you can climb on a playground.

  3. The merry-go-round thing makes me dizzy, the swings make me nauseous, the sliding board is usually anything but 'slidey' and I gets stuck and contorted up high on the monkey bars but I'll race you to the sandbox! FUN!


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