dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

insane in the membrane

if y'all didn't get out today,
let me know asap 
so that i can arrange to come
visit you in
because you are nuts!!

it was my perfect weather day today.
perfect. perfect. perfect.

we took the bebe to the park
for her first time.

then we had lunch on
the patio
of a place that
i always forget about.

we had sweet tater waffle fries
that were sooo salty
and perfect.

{and of course a salad to balance it out.}

now W has gone fishin'

and i actually
(woo hoo!)
for a bit 
while willow kate napped.

W locked his keys in his truck
so we may or may not go pick him up later.

what are y'all doin on this perty day?

should i pick W up or make him camp out under a canoe?


  1. first of all, it was about 30 degrees where i live today. so that sucks for me.

    secondly, i love me sweet potato waffle fries big times.

    thirdly, ever since i was little i would throw an effing fit if there was a pickle on my plate, and to this day i will proceed to punt it across the restaurant and demand 63 napkins to wipe the pickle juice off of my plate. see my blogger about me thingy.

    so, hi!

  2. we were 76 and sunny today! we had a lot of school work to do, but we did it outside on the porch and then we went and got frozen yogurt! :)

    totally make him camp. j/k if it were ethan, i'd want him home!

  3. I am SO jealous of your weather!!! It did get up to 35 though and I got a little run in outside and it was amazing:) Those waffle fries sound amazing and a salad to balance it out:) Glad you had such a great day, you deserve it!!


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