dear willow,

dear willow,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

big girl ears

W and i are playing a 
hunting game on the wii.

because our eyes are sore
from reading encyclopedias. 

i secretly always wanted these when i was a kid.

i'm mad that i can't
 kill enough ducks to get
 a perfect score
so here i am.
or something.

and yes, that is my bottom lip on the floor.

church was the bomb dot com this morning.

at first, i couldn't pay attention.

{what do you mean i was re-doing everyones makeup in my head???}

then the Lord 
"pricked my heart"
as my mother would say 
and i sat up tall and listened with
my big girl ears.
i'm so glad i did.

i'm hyped up on wal-fed
at this time
because i hate the feeling
of snot running down
my throat.
or anywhere else.

i'm trying not to get drowsy
 because what if 
i miss an opportunity to eat??!!!???


so y'all,
i've decided to start doing
p90x doubles.

starting today.

i like a challenge.

what are your workout goals?

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  1. P90 X is killer but YOU WILL ROCK IT!!! I will teach your how to run for $111 if I can pay you $111 to teach me how to do makeup. I LOVE playing the Sunday activity ever. You are adorable! I love that you wanted the encyclopedia's when you were a kid!!! have a great day gorgeous!


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