dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, January 31, 2011

one call that's all

today is PLYO!!!
i used to haaaaate it but
now it's a fave!

i'm feeling like i went on a 
without my seatbelt today.

{any home remedies to kick the snottiness?}

this morning was willow kates 
six month check-up!!!

little bebe weighs 14.3 pounds.
putting her in the.....

15th percentile!!
my cute little tiny itty bitty bebe!!

y'all, something big happened in this household today.

i ironed.

i never ever ever iron.  


i used to work in a mom and pop bridal shop
when i lived in florida.

it was extremely tiny and i stayed in the back room
and ironed wedding dresses.
all day.
every day.

here's the kicker...

the owner smoked.  
inside that TINY BACK ROOM!!!!

every time i cough
i think i have lung cancer.
and don't you know 
my lawyer 
i will be 
paying her a friendly visit
shall that day come.

one call that's all

amen and amen.

are you a hyporchondriac?

nah.  i figure once a limb or some digits disappear i'll know something is up.

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