dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, February 7, 2011

house arrest

cardio x {p90x}
shoulders, biceps, triceps {p90x}
ab ripper {p90x}


i've been under
house arrest 
because i
got busted for stealing cupcakes
have a terrible throat disease.

it IS a disease.
google it.

that's left W large and in charge.

i'm too wittle for these hunting books. daddy

and when i feed
i get to wear this.

lifting weights makes you thirsty

i guilted w 
into taking me to lunch today.

he has a late night
and i'll miss him.

did you watch the superbowl last night?

i technically had it on but i was watching 
48 hours mystery on the laptop.
craigslist killer is WAY more interesting.

what do you think about xtinas temporary amnesia? 

nerves.  i get it.

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  1. i agree. nerves would make me probably vomit, much less forget words!

    also, i'm SUPER sorry you don't feel good! :(


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