dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

who wants to be a millionaire

kenpo {p90x}


wanna know what's making
me all warm and fuzzy today?

it's freezing.

but these things are 
getting me 
pretty close...

this moment

meeting our gooey eyed daughter

knowing that in a few months,
it'll be boating weather 

hi mom
 this girl.
my sister.
i love her.
she lives too far away.
(next door would even be too far away)

she was the phone a friend on
who wants to be a millionaire.
 painting faces.

i seriously love make up.  seriously.  can you tell?
seriously.  seriously.
shopping in ikea
only one shoe.
the escalator ate the other one.
they tried to kick me out.
i'm such a rebel.

grocery store ikea feet
what are y'all doing this weekend?  pretty please tell me.

w's workin it today so willow and i are making sure the couch doesn't float to the ceiling.
tomorrow is church and we get to turn in our compassion kits.
w is doing a massage for someone in the hospital because he's awesomesauce like that.
maybe a super bowl party if willow is up to it.


  1. well, ethan and i were lazy this morning. went to the grocery store. playing games with our neighbors tonight. tomorrow church, then super bowl party. that's what we're doing! we're boring.

  2. we went to the deer camp and hung out with nature. then we came home and went to a superbowl party at the neighbors house. it was an exhausting but FUN weekend and was nice to get out of the routine.

    ok..i want your hair. and your makeup. seriously.


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