dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

under the sea

cardio x {p90x}
ab ripper {p90x}
back and biceps {p90x}


i hope y'all cried yourselves 
to sleep last night
because i didn't blog.

and then woke up 
in the middle of the night 
to drown your sorrows in
a bucket of 
ice cream.

i was working on a
super duper
top secret
project with my bf.

what did y'all do last night?

i really wanted 
fro yo 
but i fell asleep.

heaven on earth.  amen and amen.

so last nights project 
involved some major

only this girl forgot to bring
a comb.
or a brush.
cuz that happens when you never use one.

so what did we do?
used a fork.

because we all know it worked for ariel. 

what's your best hair/makeup trip when you don't have what you need?

lipgloss for cheek stain and
clear nailpolish for suffocating ticks.  
too much?


  1. i don't have any tricks because i never know what to do! i just try to make sure i don't run out and always have what i need!!

  2. vegetable oil for lip gloss. haha not really!! i don't have any.


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