dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

ck one

cardio x
chest and back
run outside


wanna know some 
sensational facts
about me?

thought so.

i always wanted 
ck one perfume.
all the older girls had it
and i thought it smelled sooo good.
one time i got
 the pretend brand 
and it ruined it for me.

do i smell like a teenager now?

the most awkward person
to see being interviewed 
is miss twilight herself.
(i haven't seen the movies)
kristen stewart.

my smile cures diseases.  too bad i don't know how.
if i had to pick
ONE person
to do makeup on 
{besides all of my bloggy bf's}
it would be this lady.
she's got great bones
and i could give her the most

please, call me queen mirren
i've decided to try my 
hand (foot?) at running.

i'm on day 3.

i've decided to go barefoot 
because from what i've researched
it forces you into a perfect foot strike.

so far so good.

i may or may not keep you updated.  

was there something you wanted that all the older kids had?

ck one, a beeper, trapper keeper

who's your favorite celeb?

fyi, celeb means: one whom we celebrate

so technically you're all celebs to me!!

1 comment:

  1. 1) I had the knock off CK One as well and it was HORRID!!! Hate it. I was addicted to Clinique's Sunflower- which gives me headaches now.

    2) I could get Helen Mirren an awesomesauce eye lift too! I just need a little masking tape...

    3) Running barefoot sounds fun in this weather. Just pick somewhere with soft fluffy "sticker" free grass! Maybe The Trace if you start running longger distances? It's a relatively safe stretch of grass I'd think... And ya'll can get one of those bicycles with a baby carrier on the back and W & W can ride with you to carry your tennis shoes when you step on glass or a needle.

    Much love! BB


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