dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, March 18, 2011

blast from the past

cardio x
run outside


i'm on the mood
to share a billion pictures.
or at least enough to crash your computer.

this is w's bffff, stan
that came to fish this past weekend.

do you think it's grodie
that w uses our
ice cream scoop
to gut his fishies?
i do.

then he went fishin with neil.
aka the real survivorman.

o sweet mercy, 
would you look at this face?

hi mommy!

daddy, where are you??
{he was in a bubblebath, fyi}

she went from sitting up
to standing up (holding on)
in the same 2 weeks.

she's pretty serious about 
her bike club.
{it was happy hour with her crew}


i've been feelin
all sorts of nostalgic lately.

some things i miss?

uncle bunky 
{the artist that taught kids how to draw...i drew a pretty sensational snail}

the sharon, lois and bram show
{chewing gum DOES lose it's flavor on a bedpost overnight}

zebra stripes gum.
if it's still around, please mail me some.

what do y'all wish would make a blast from the past??


  1. OMG, mustard flavored combos and that burger at McDonald's that everyone hated but I loved like it was my own family - the Arch Deluxe. I wish I could go back in time just to have those one more time.

    By the way, you have the :-)

  2. you use some of the same weird words that my family uses...."grodie" and another one you used a couple of weeks ago ...but I can not recall at this time ugh!
    Your little family is soooo cute!!!!!

  3. I miss 2 things. 1. Clark candy bars. I think they can still be found at the dollar store but I don't get there often enough. They look like chocolate covered pieces of wood. Yes, wood. But they are oh so delicious. 2. Red wax lips. They were so much fun to wear when we were too young to wear real lipstick. I actually thought they looked real and nobody knew they were fake!


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