dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, March 21, 2011

sugar scrub

cardio x
legs and back


you're welcome.

i'm about to share
a secret with you
that will change your life...

or at least your smackers.

i was watching qvc one night
and they had a lip scub for sale.

it was 30'ish bucks.

my lips have endured 
the winter just like yours
and i wanted to give them
a good ole thank you.

so instead of dishing out the money,
i went into the kitchen.

do this tonight 
and then kiss your 
hubby or baby or puppy or piglet or whatever you have.

i use organic sugar or 
sugar in the raw
because of the texture

1. in a little bowl mix the sugar
with some olive oil
til you get a good texture
but not too juicy

2. push your lips out
and scrub scrub scrub.
do it over the sink cuz it's messy.
scrub scrub scrub all around your mouth.

3. then use a washcloth 
{i use a baby one bc it's gentler. and maybe because i found it on the floor by the sink}
and wipe clean with warm water.


tell me what you think after you do it.

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