dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sick day

cardio x


mamas sick.


but i went to the dr today
and got lots of goods
so i'll be feelin better soon!

in the mean time,
feel free to send me
get well presents.

and w is bringing home
and that obviously will 
work major magic!!

a few things....

- i think the 
sonic hotdog commercial 
is the most disgusting
thing i've seen in my life.

what kind of coffin would you like?

(besides watching a hip replacement on you tube)

- i want to own 
some leopard print 
in the near future.

i'd actually like to own
an actual leopard
but i understand that 
that is pushing the legal boundaries.

 - i have a very precious husband.

ummm, something doesn't look right

theres my baby daddy

- the people from you tube 
local news station
came to our clinic today
and did an 
story on our
artist friend, 
william heard.

{hopefully they'll post the video later}

what do you eat for breakfast?

either oatmeal, kashi bar, visalus shake, or kashi cereal.
or all of the above.

are your toenails painted?

i'm so granola.

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  1. Uuuuummmmmmmmmmm Target has leopard print tights! Or at least they did like 3 weeks ago... I have some- go get some. Rrrrwwwwrrrrr.



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